• October 2012

  • ARTIFACT TRACTM has a new sales representative - Kevin Knuth.


The ARTiFACT TRACTM family of solutions utilizes RFID technology to make many museum/art gallery, collection management/investment and art transport companies' routine activities significantly more accurate and efficient. The ARTiFACT TRACTM solution consists of RFID tags, readers and software.

By attaching an RFID tag specifically created for priceless items (by Washi Wrap, LLC. tag packaging services) to your objects, you can conduct a ‘non-contact’ inventory in a fraction of your current time. ARTiFACT TRACTM can also easily track item movement and item storage location, membership access and give your patrons even more knowledge about your collection through an optional interactive tour guide.

ARTiFACT TRACTM will: enhance your record keeping precision, make your inventory process more efficient, greatly reduce liability issues and will lessen how often you move/touch priceless pieces in your collection.

For a more detailed information about ARTiFACT TRACTM, please visit Benefits/Options or Contact Us.

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